As we zoom into September, celebrate labor day and start to smell a very faint hint of fall in the distance, we vicariously live through our designer Emily as she shares her travels to Martha’s Vineyard. While most of us are confined to our homes, we invite you to travel with us to places we’ve been, places we dream of visiting and places we plan to go.

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard, a Massachusetts island, is a New England fisherman’s island. From New York it is a bit of a journey to get to but well worth the effort.

Its rural streets are lined with dutch colonials and colorful hydrangeas. Wild flowers live amongst the salty air, sheep graze the farmland and clay bluffs lie along the rocky beaches. The inland farms are so lush you completely forget you’re on an island and right by the sea.

The dirt roads inland are incredibly narrow and windy and only one car can pass at a time.

I had a magical moment on these roads. I pulled over to the side to let a car by, not any car…it was a little white convertible ‘Thing’.

The driver was none other than Bill Murray! He smiled at us and exclaimed ‘nice hats ladies!’ and drove off. We didn’t see him again but that was perfect enough.

Gay Head Cliffs and Beach

Gay Head Cliffs are a national landmark. The cliffs are made up of colorful layers of clay and greenery. It has been said that fossil bones of whales, camels and wild horses have been found in the cliff layers.

At The top of the cliffs sits the only working lighthouse on the island. While the beach can be crowded, if you walk right to the end, past the older nudists at the nude beach, you’ll find a place all to yourself. The different hues in the water are vast and rich with a rocky sea floor.

Lobsterville Beach

A little pathway of wildflowers takes you to a quiet beach on the sound. A perfect place to hide away from any crowds and watch the sun set.

Geoffrey is the owner and potter at Chilmark. He has an enormous shack filled to the brim with pottery and even more outside. He makes his work in the middle of it all and is very happy to chat about his process and demonstrate how to throw clay on the wheel.

“Pottery is similar to alchemy, you turn something with no value into something with greater value”

Geoffrey Borr

Larsen's Fish Market


Larsen’s opened in 1969 by Louis and Mary Larsen. At the time an offshore fisherman, Louis and Mary opened the market to help support the local fishing community. we enjoyed fresh oysters while we sat on small wood tables and watched the boats come in.

Many scenes from Jaws were filmed right behind Larsen’s Fish Market along with other parts of the island. A great spot to sit and watch the fisherman bring in all the fresh fish to market.

Grey Barn is a large farm hidden away in Chilmark with farm animals and a market. The stunning farm house has been featured in Architectural Digest and they offer a small farm stand with cheese, fruit, vegetables, meat, raw milk, baked produce, and a small gift store with ceramics.

You’ll pretty much want to try everything!

Lucy Vincent Beach

Tea Lane Farm


A lucky last minute find, We stumbled across the tea lane farm and flower shop on the way home to the ferry.

On arrival at the farm we passed by their gorgeous flower studio and watched the gardeners clipping flowers in the fields in the distance.

We picked up a bunch of flowers as a very fitting parting gift. Unbeknownst to us we also picked up about 20 bumble bees which made for a final urgent and hilarious stop to have my boyfriend brush (wack) them out of my hair and
the car!

“We have had the honor to transform this historic location into a bountiful flower farm. When we wake up to the sound of sheep grazing right outside our farmhouse windows, it reminds us to dream big.”

Tea Lane Farm

“Nice hats ladies!”